Space Heating with Used Vegetable Oil

CHERE Oil Delivery

We deliver recycled and cleaned vegetable oil suitable for use in the Yellow Heat Oil Burner within our service territory. We are expanding our area, with alliances possible countrywide. Let us know so we can establish contact with local distributors.

Delivered price is $1 below the average price for home heating oil at the time of delivery. Massachusetts average heating oil price is posted weekly to the MA DOER State Energy Office: Massachusetts Retail Heating Oil Prices. Some jurisdictions have sales tax added.

​What is in the name? CHERE comes from the first letters of the three regional oil gathers, Champion Biofuel, Echo for Sustainable Development and ReEnergizer Inc. All three rendering companies are located in Western Massachusetts. We will locate additional vegetable oil sources in other locations for you. Call us and discuss your needs.

Today's Vegetable Oil Delivery Price:
$1.89 per gallon*

* Price reflects delivered price, tax included, minimum quantities apply.

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1664 Cape St. Williamsburg, MA 01096

Space Heating with Vegetable Oil

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